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Who is wise?

“Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline. Proverbs 1:7 (NLT)

Who is wise but the one that in stead of only knowing, does what he knows. What purpose does it have God’s advice, if it is not followed? It’s like having a Ferrari and not running it, it’s like being sick and not taking the prescription, It’s like being in the dark and not using the flashlight in our hand.

He who listen advice will grow older. But the one with foolish ear directs his path to the tomb. There are plenty of wise sayings, and plenty of wise men…..but how many of them listen to advice?

Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, and getting away from sin is intelligence. This all there is to know.

You will find lots of wise people in your path, though you only have to listen to the ones that live what they know. For can a blind man lead other blind man?

Detach your self from sin will make you wise; for when you get away from evil there will be only one voice in your heart, your Creator’s voice. And in everything you do, there will be prudency.

Slavery is the anteroom of freedom. Wise are those that do not have to go back to captivity to appreciate again freedom. He, who is free today, appreciate his gift like something precious, more than gold and silver. Be wise and do not despite the shed blood of the Lamb.

Pride is the anteroom of brokenness; and wise are those that do not hardened their hearts,

Haven’t you heard about Pharaoh?

Wise are those that sow, but even wiser are those that sow on the Lord’s ground, for they will harvest even what they have not sowed.

It is wise to love, but only one woman, she who before times he met. And that because of God’s love, they were united again to become one flesh.

Who hears and who listens? , anyone with eras can hear, but only the wise with understanding listen. Hearing requires an ear, being wise requires to act in what he have listened.

It is wise to listen the Lord when He whispers, fools listen the Lord only when he strikes.

Once I thought that I was wise, but I had lo learned the hard way: For

“There is more hope for fools than for people who think they are wise.” Proverbs 26: 12 (NLT)

No matter how filled with God am I, I like to ask counsel so I don’t get lost.

Who is wise? , but the one fearing the Lord with all his heart.

By Richy Esparza

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.

Brother Nation:


It is not the dead who praise the LORD

Psalm 115 (New International Version) 17-18  

It is not the dead who praise the LORD, those who go down to silence; it is we who extol the LORD, both now and forevermore. 
Praise the LORD.

The Lord has been beyond good to me and every day that I breath it’s an extension of his favor.

Those who have seen death face to face, and have been set free by the Lord know what I mean. I’m not talking only about physical death, but spiritual death; that death that imprisons you with sorrow and holds you down with all its strength.

The resurrection of someone that has been marked for death is simply supernatural. It’s something that only the Creator can do…..something that makes you grateful forever.  

For only our God has that type of love, only our God decided to be slaughter because of our salvation.

Dear brother/sister, Can you imagine what would have happen if you did not get that longed salvation?; am pretty sure that you’d still be lost in the dark.

What’s with the apathy and carelessness? …. Have you forgotten that every breath you take is a miracle for you?

The truth is that trials will not end until the end of our lives, but you have to realize that you have found all that you needed: the Lord in your heart. Today you are invincible, you can not be touched by death; you are finally embraced by the shed blood of the lamb. 

You have to remember the promised you did to the Lord before he saved you, right before departing this world you said …… “Save me Lord  for it is not the dead who praise the LORD”

Are you praising brother/sister, are you living what you promised one step away from your tomb? 

Dear brother, God saw something really valuable in you, that’s why He saved you. Someone that has danced with the death, What can be afraid of? Someone that has been raised from the dead, What can be afraid of? Someone that has been held hostage by hell, and set free forever, What can he lose?……..Give it all brother/sister for you are now unbreakable.     

God saw in you a mighty warrior, willing to surrender his last breath in battler, willing to protect the weak as you were once. 

Do not forget this: you have been raised from the dead, and the last time I checked, it is not the dead who praise the LORD. Live to praise the one that gave you life. 

My invitation today is for you to examine yourself and ask you this: Are you living what you promise one step away from the tomb? 

By Richy Esparza 

Devotional – Made in the Kingdom of Heaven

The son of God

– He is Jesus, pointing at the cross my mother said. – Who is Jesus ?,
I replied , and then she answered :
“The son of God”

I was curious to meet him, even though I thought he did not look that happy nailed to the cross.  But mama said that Jesus wanted to meet me, and if I was a good kid; I should attend to the little kids bible class. 

I felt exited and wished to attend class to finally meet the son of God, but those were not the plans of my teacher; whom put on a veil upon my soul. She used to say “The son of God is still suffering at the cross” -and every time you behave bad; he bleeds !for your guilt!  !for your guilt!  !your big, big , guilt!
Ever since that moment, every time that I looked up at him at the cross; I could feel his pain. I felt lost and helpless for I did not want him to suffer for my big guilt.  I made a great effort to avoid hurting him, but every now and then, I fooled around with my little buddies or had sinful thoughts; and I could feel Jesus’   pain because of me.

How big can it be a child’s sin?, For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them; though my soul did not know this.    

In my first holly  communion I felt unworthy and hypocrite, What sense would it have to confess my sins to heal Jesus’ wounds? , for no matter how hard I would try; I’d still occasionally had sinful thoughts. With huge pain in my heart and great remorse,  I departed from him; promising him that one day, I would help him stepping down from the cross.   

I built a barrier between me and him, accepting that place in the afterlife called hell, of which my teacher used to talked about.  

I grew up and I became King’s Alcohol servant, he showed me how to ignore the voice of my conscience. Together we broke those stone tablets that I was taught as a child. We destroyed places and he rewarded me with vanity. So much I ignored the voice of my conscience, that I stopped feeling; I got slaved and my mind became captive.  

I realized that the teacher lied; I did not have to wait after life to get into hell. Do you know what it is a living dead person? That I became, longing for my agony to stop. Good for me there was a glimpse of heart in me that said “Its not time to give up yet”    

Then I met the real son of God on my spiritual retirement. Jesus tore down the veil upon my soul, freed me, protected me and healed all my wounds. 
Why do you do it Jesus ? , I asked.

And he answered, – I did not forget your promise, for that I stepped down from the cross to save you . I had joy for he is alive, and no more nailed to the cross.

Jesus said that his blood, was only shed once for the big guilt of every soul that shall visit this world of all time. And to save everyone that seeks his name.

He said that my guilt was buried with his flesh corpse more that 2000 years ago, and that every drop of blood that he shed at the cross; now it protects me and it will not allow that I lose the path to the kingdom that he has given me.  

I invite you Brother in Christ to share the real meaning of the cross and shout at the wind into the whole world; that HE is alive

The real Son of God bless you today ……………

By Richy Esparza

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.

Thermometer or Thermostat? – Arlene García Holguín

All man’s way is right in his own opinion, but Jehovah weighs hearts. Proverbs 21: 2

The other day I pondered about the thermometer and thermostat role. The first helps us to measure a place temperature and adjusts to the environment. The thermostat’s operation is much more surprising because moderates the place temperature, setting it to make it nice and bearable.

What kind of God’s children are we, thermometers or thermostats? I mean your attitudes and behavior when you get to a place.  Are you like the ones that adjust to the environment even if it is good or bad, or are you the kind of children that when gets to a site, the environment changes completely?   (más…)

You , only you

You were in my plans, you only you. I have given you your life, for me its you, only you. – This was the wish of my creator since the very beginning.

Why do I feel this emptiness?
Why do I have this desire of proving the world that I’m worthy ? , questions of a child that felt second class invited in life’s trip

I always had that hunger of demonstrating I was worthy, for I was tamed to pretend. They grafted in me the idea that I should be “The best”,  though they never said it was enough being the best for my Creator.  

Being the best  was not easy for this kid, as the Creator did not spend much in this creation., giving me only leftovers . The more I compared my self to others,  more the shame I felt.    

Their beliefs overwhelmed me:

* How much do you have?, for  that is your worth
*  What would people think of you, its what you are!
* You are not like them ¡
* You have got to be very successful !
 * You simply can not fail!

And searching for people’s approval, I forgot your creation. Masks and assemblage of scenes made life’s trip worthy.   

Vanity gave me self-esteem and my determination; achievements gave me. But I could never find the value I was looking for. There was always a new achievement to conquer and someone else above me.

But God is good and no long ago, he revealed trough a beloved sister that my being was chained. My birth was not planned, at least by my parents. From my mother’s womb  I felt this world rejecting me, therefore my unsatisfied hunger of proving my worthiness.

Now I have been restored by my heavenly Father  and just worthiness He has given me. First class invited in this trip, I was invited by the One that is before and after this trip. 

Accept the Lord’s creation, you are perfect for Him. You give that unique seasoning to that deed that the Lord has entrusted  you to complete.  

!Do not compare your self! As you were given the just  kit of qualities to give the Lord glory, no more, no less; you, only you.    

Your looks, virtues and defects are part of the Lord’s creation and you shall spare nothing.  

Do not pretend you are another being, stop pretending and do not imitate. Your prayers, preaching and worship is fragrant smell to the Lord when it comes out from your heart.

Be the best to the Lord, you , only you. Or as my  earthly father says “If you compare your self to others, you will become meaningless and bitter”

God bless you today…….now that you are free to be you, only you.

By Richy Esparza 

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.


How crazy are you?

Has God ever asked you to plow in parched ground?

Has God ever asked you to build a boat in years where rain has never been seen?            

Kind of crazy isn’t ?

But the Lord likes this crazy people, those who obey him no matter that the  situation or logic say the opposite. The most genuine way to honor God is showing Him confidence.  

Sometimes God has asked me to do this kind of crazy stuff, that my logic simply can’t process it. However I have done what I’m asked to do, and people may have thought that I have lost it. 

And I don’t regret it, for I prefer being called a “nut case” rather than looking up to the sky with remorse.

When I’m in these kind of situations, I have this dialogue with my self:

Logic  – This time this really looks crazy.

Faith –   But is Jesus telling you, He saved you and has never lied to you.

 Logic – Remember the last crazy thing that He asked you to do , I did not see any good outcome. 

 Faith –  Jesus knows better why He asked that , and all his words are true.

And thank God , I have been obedient to Faith’s voice, keeping the thing I can’t live without ; a genuine relationship with him.

Can you Imagine what it was going in Abraham’s mind when God promised him a son even though he was a worn out man? And he could not see it happening. Or when he would tell his neighbors that God had promised him to multiply his descendants into countless millions; sure they made a mockery out of him and judged him crazy.  

Or when Noah was asked to built a boat for a flood, Can you imagine what happened around him the 120 years that he lasted building it ? I’m pretty sure that the people wanted to send him to the nut house, for they have never seen rain.

Or when Jesus came to this world and introduced him self to his people, as the King they were waiting for, and they did not believe it; judging him crazy. Being the greatest act of love for us and his Father.

What could it be that crazy after realizing this?

Do have confidence brother in Christ,  if He has you plowing parched ground; keep on doing it for  He is sending the rain. If He has asked you to get a diving suit in the desert; !get it! for He surely will bring the waves. 

If He has shown you a ministry so extraordinary to believe;
!Believe it! and start working in it.  

God Bless you today . . . . . . .

By Richy Esparza

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.