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It is not the dead who praise the LORD

Psalm 115 (New International Version) 17-18  

It is not the dead who praise the LORD, those who go down to silence; it is we who extol the LORD, both now and forevermore. 
Praise the LORD.

The Lord has been beyond good to me and every day that I breath it’s an extension of his favor.

Those who have seen death face to face, and have been set free by the Lord know what I mean. I’m not talking only about physical death, but spiritual death; that death that imprisons you with sorrow and holds you down with all its strength.

The resurrection of someone that has been marked for death is simply supernatural. It’s something that only the Creator can do…..something that makes you grateful forever.  

For only our God has that type of love, only our God decided to be slaughter because of our salvation.

Dear brother/sister, Can you imagine what would have happen if you did not get that longed salvation?; am pretty sure that you’d still be lost in the dark.

What’s with the apathy and carelessness? …. Have you forgotten that every breath you take is a miracle for you?

The truth is that trials will not end until the end of our lives, but you have to realize that you have found all that you needed: the Lord in your heart. Today you are invincible, you can not be touched by death; you are finally embraced by the shed blood of the lamb. 

You have to remember the promised you did to the Lord before he saved you, right before departing this world you said …… “Save me Lord  for it is not the dead who praise the LORD”

Are you praising brother/sister, are you living what you promised one step away from your tomb? 

Dear brother, God saw something really valuable in you, that’s why He saved you. Someone that has danced with the death, What can be afraid of? Someone that has been raised from the dead, What can be afraid of? Someone that has been held hostage by hell, and set free forever, What can he lose?……..Give it all brother/sister for you are now unbreakable.     

God saw in you a mighty warrior, willing to surrender his last breath in battler, willing to protect the weak as you were once. 

Do not forget this: you have been raised from the dead, and the last time I checked, it is not the dead who praise the LORD. Live to praise the one that gave you life. 

My invitation today is for you to examine yourself and ask you this: Are you living what you promise one step away from the tomb? 

By Richy Esparza 

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