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Thermometer or Thermostat? – Arlene García Holguín

All man’s way is right in his own opinion, but Jehovah weighs hearts. Proverbs 21: 2

The other day I pondered about the thermometer and thermostat role. The first helps us to measure a place temperature and adjusts to the environment. The thermostat’s operation is much more surprising because moderates the place temperature, setting it to make it nice and bearable.

What kind of God’s children are we, thermometers or thermostats? I mean your attitudes and behavior when you get to a place.  Are you like the ones that adjust to the environment even if it is good or bad, or are you the kind of children that when gets to a site, the environment changes completely?  

Have you realize that when God’s children get to any place, they shine? It’s very clear when someone has a personal relationship with God.  His word says that we are sons of light, and that we cannot be hidden. Is important to share and spread of what we have been filled with.  Keep your life in integrity; show that you are real, without hiding anything.

Be the kind of person that when you get anywhere, others have to look at you because you shine in such way that you cannot go unnoticed. That when you get to a place where someone is committing sin, others feel uncomfortable because you arrived, and that will change their attitudes. In our own judgment it’s easy to think that we are good people, and that we never do damage to anyone and we concern for others. That we are responsible and committed with everything we do, but only God can measure and weigh our hearts.

Today, I ask you to change the environment around you. God has placed too much glory and light on your life. You can’t pass unnoticed!

 Arlene García Holguín &



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