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You , only you

You were in my plans, you only you. I have given you your life, for me its you, only you. – This was the wish of my creator since the very beginning.

Why do I feel this emptiness?
Why do I have this desire of proving the world that I’m worthy ? , questions of a child that felt second class invited in life’s trip

I always had that hunger of demonstrating I was worthy, for I was tamed to pretend. They grafted in me the idea that I should be “The best”,  though they never said it was enough being the best for my Creator.  

Being the best  was not easy for this kid, as the Creator did not spend much in this creation., giving me only leftovers . The more I compared my self to others,  more the shame I felt.    

Their beliefs overwhelmed me:

* How much do you have?, for  that is your worth
*  What would people think of you, its what you are!
* You are not like them ¡
* You have got to be very successful !
 * You simply can not fail!

And searching for people’s approval, I forgot your creation. Masks and assemblage of scenes made life’s trip worthy.   

Vanity gave me self-esteem and my determination; achievements gave me. But I could never find the value I was looking for. There was always a new achievement to conquer and someone else above me.

But God is good and no long ago, he revealed trough a beloved sister that my being was chained. My birth was not planned, at least by my parents. From my mother’s womb  I felt this world rejecting me, therefore my unsatisfied hunger of proving my worthiness.

Now I have been restored by my heavenly Father  and just worthiness He has given me. First class invited in this trip, I was invited by the One that is before and after this trip. 

Accept the Lord’s creation, you are perfect for Him. You give that unique seasoning to that deed that the Lord has entrusted  you to complete.  

!Do not compare your self! As you were given the just  kit of qualities to give the Lord glory, no more, no less; you, only you.    

Your looks, virtues and defects are part of the Lord’s creation and you shall spare nothing.  

Do not pretend you are another being, stop pretending and do not imitate. Your prayers, preaching and worship is fragrant smell to the Lord when it comes out from your heart.

Be the best to the Lord, you , only you. Or as my  earthly father says “If you compare your self to others, you will become meaningless and bitter”

God bless you today…….now that you are free to be you, only you.

By Richy Esparza 

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.




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