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How crazy are you?

Has God ever asked you to plow in parched ground?

Has God ever asked you to build a boat in years where rain has never been seen?            

Kind of crazy isn’t ?

But the Lord likes this crazy people, those who obey him no matter that the  situation or logic say the opposite. The most genuine way to honor God is showing Him confidence.  

Sometimes God has asked me to do this kind of crazy stuff, that my logic simply can’t process it. However I have done what I’m asked to do, and people may have thought that I have lost it. 

And I don’t regret it, for I prefer being called a “nut case” rather than looking up to the sky with remorse.

When I’m in these kind of situations, I have this dialogue with my self:

Logic  – This time this really looks crazy.

Faith –   But is Jesus telling you, He saved you and has never lied to you.

 Logic – Remember the last crazy thing that He asked you to do , I did not see any good outcome. 

 Faith –  Jesus knows better why He asked that , and all his words are true.

And thank God , I have been obedient to Faith’s voice, keeping the thing I can’t live without ; a genuine relationship with him.

Can you Imagine what it was going in Abraham’s mind when God promised him a son even though he was a worn out man? And he could not see it happening. Or when he would tell his neighbors that God had promised him to multiply his descendants into countless millions; sure they made a mockery out of him and judged him crazy.  

Or when Noah was asked to built a boat for a flood, Can you imagine what happened around him the 120 years that he lasted building it ? I’m pretty sure that the people wanted to send him to the nut house, for they have never seen rain.

Or when Jesus came to this world and introduced him self to his people, as the King they were waiting for, and they did not believe it; judging him crazy. Being the greatest act of love for us and his Father.

What could it be that crazy after realizing this?

Do have confidence brother in Christ,  if He has you plowing parched ground; keep on doing it for  He is sending the rain. If He has asked you to get a diving suit in the desert; !get it! for He surely will bring the waves. 

If He has shown you a ministry so extraordinary to believe;
!Believe it! and start working in it.  

God Bless you today . . . . . . .

By Richy Esparza

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.



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