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It was worth it!

It is very difficult to recognize our sinful nature; I remember how my voice started breaking when I confessed my sins before Jesus. That day in the presence of my Lord I accepted that I had twisted the gifts He gave me at birth. I felt like dying with every truth that came out of my mouth, for I had wasted my life. But if I really wanted to be saved, I had to confess my sins.     

With a huge pain in my heart, I recognized that my soul was chained to addictions. My Lord said that He already knew it, and felt my pain even more than my self. The Savior said that there was salvation for me, if I believed him; though I had to be very brave.     

As Jacob, I wrestled with God that night, and with every sin that I confessed; He struck the person I was at that moment.   

God left me with no strength and I died to the person I was.  I found my self, He changed my name, I was saved, He replaced my stone heart with one made out of flesh, and I received the Holy Spirit; It was worth it! 

Only confessing our sins we shall be saved and edify ourselves. Even though it cost and it hurts.
People who cover their sins will not prosper. (Proverbs 28:13)

And remember Brothers in Christ, if we confess our sins it is to grow, not to feel shame.

God blesses you today………………………

By Richy Esparza

Recordad no más las cosas pasadas,
Israel, he aquí Yo hago cosa nueva  
Con este pueblo que he creado para Mí.
Haré que se reunan a uno todos los que
Yo hize y formé para mi gloria.



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